Oracle Spreads


A simple reading to address a concern or question. 

  • daily reflection

  • daily overview

  • weekly overview

  • simple answer regarding a specific subject

Slightly more in-depth than a single card spread, provides a deeper look at your question and the next possible action to take.

  1. what is happening now

  2. what information is required for further understanding


A short and sweet reading that will connect you to your soul and aid in discovering what your soul is calling you to do.

  1. what is falling away

  2. what is rising up in you

Offers a slightly more detailed look at the core of an issue.

  • past-present-future

  • blockage-healing-outcome

  • situation-action-outcome

  • understanding-guidance-potential experience

  • where you are-experience due to card 1-result of experiences from cards 1 & 2

  • highlights of situation-what's being hidden-the truth or answer

  • what do I need to know about the situation for my highest good-what next action remains in highest alignment-where could this evolve

  • what is in motion-hidden influences-how to remain in alignment 


Connect with the universe and the moon to receive insight into energies that lie ahead.

New Moon

  1. what's rising up in me?

  2. main message this new moon

  3. the final outcome

Full Moon

  1. what's falling away/what requires forgiveness?

  2. what is the illuminated full moon showing me?

  3. what comes next?

A beautiful reading used for checking in with 3 main aspects of yourself.

  1. head

  2. body

  3. heart

Oracle Card Spreads.png

Offers information as to how to reinvent yourself and transform into your highest self.

  1. message from intuition/allowing side

  2. message from action/doing side

  3. message from your highest vision

A shorter option for a full lunar cycle reading - recommended to be done at one of the four main times in the lunar cycle.

  1. current situation and where energies are now

  2. represents your situation and energies 1 week from now

  3. represents your situation and energies 2 weeks from now

  4. represents your situation and energies 3 weeks from now


A directional energy-based spread that gives wonderful insight.

  1. East - new beginnings

  2. South - expansions

  3. West - release

  4. North - nurture

Provides insights into where energy can be put to achieve your goals (waxing moon) or what needs to be released/let go (waning moon)

Waxing Moon

  1. what's rising up in me between now and full moon?

  2. solution to a challenge I face now

  3. advice

  4. final outcome

Waning Moon

  1. what do I need to release?

  2. what will help me?

  3. what will help me accept/surrender?

  4. the final outcome


Describes what is coming in the near future based on one's actions and other influencing factors.

  1. current dynamics and energy

  2. spiritual influences

  3. outside influences

  4. most possible outcome at present

A variation on a classic past-present-future spread, allows for the quick viewing and understanding of main themes.

  1. spring - what has happened, the beginning of the situation, past energies that are affecting the present

  2. summer - present situation, main theme, enlightenment

  3. autumn - what the future may hold, possible paths to take

  4. winter - ways to protect yourself, what you have learned


Inspired by both stars in the sky and the sea, this spread provides an interesting take on the situation in question.

  1. energy and/or feeling of the situation

  2. potential course of action

  3. exposes what you need to be aware of

  4. gives insight regarding the perspective of others in relation to your question/situation

  5. potential outcome based on preceding cards

Provides a deeper understanding as to what the universe is trying to communicate with you. 

  1. where you are at in your life this day

  2. what energy you are holding onto

  3. what Spirit asks you to acknowledge

  4. what process to follow

  5. what outcome to look forward to


Obtain spiritual advice and guidance from the universe and your spirit guides.

  1. message from your higher self

  2. message from heavenly beings

  3. message from earth spirits

  4. message from your ancestors

  5. message from your future self

Provides insight into various tools that may be of use to you when facing a challenge.

  1. the shovel - deepest part that needs to come to life

  2. the hoe - something that requires turning over/thinking about

  3. the pest control - possible ways to rid yourself of the problem

  4. the gloves - how you can protect yourself

  5. the fertilizer - how you can improve the situation


A reading to provide more details in regard to a specified situation.

  1. past influence

  2. present point of vantage

  3. what you resist

  4. unexpected help

  5. the next right action

  6. probable future destination

A spread that allows for the discovery of elements you need and what requires tending in your life.

  1. garden bed - central focus/what needs to be looked after

  2. plant - something you need to bring into your life

  3. plant - something you need to bring into your life

  4. plant - something you need to bring into your life

  5. storm - warning of what may hinder progress

  6. harvest - what can be expected


Provides a magickally influenced reading with elements.

  1. present

  2. air - influence of others

  3. water - what to learn/how to adapt

  4. fire - internal conflicts

  5. earth - overall surrounding issues

  6. spirit - how things will be resolved on the current path

Typically done with The Spirit Animal Oracle, allows for insight as to which animal spirit has chosen to assist you in each aspect for the following moon cycle.

  1. survival, money,  tangible assets, work

  2. intimate relationships, family dynamics, friendships, your tribe

  3. personal power, self-worth, how you show up in the world

  4. deeper connections in life, healing past patterns, support for overall well-being and happiness

  5. communication, being heard, owning your voice, how you say who you are to others

  6. imagination, vision, creativity

  7. intuition, spirituality, your relationship to a higher power


Inspired by the Nautilus shell and the Fibonacci sequence, this spread gives energy-based insights to your situation.

  1. energy currently around you

  2. underlying energy

  3. influences coming into the situation

  4. potential obstacles

  5. overview from spiritual perspective

  6. course of action

  7. possible outcome

An in-depth consideration of present circumstances.

  1. the past

  2. the present moment

  3. what is hidden

  4. the obstacle

  5. the helpers

  6. action

  7. potential outcome


Allows for the examination of a circumstance from a variety of angles.

  1. past influences

  2. the present

  3. hidden influences

  4. obstacles

  5. outside influences

  6. best course of action

  7. outcome

An in-depth reading to understand the roots of a situation and the outcome at the present moment.

  1. roots - mental energy

  2. roots - physical energy

  3. roots - emotional energy

  4. roots - spiritual energy

  5. base - where you are currently in life

  6. branches - mental heading

  7. branches - physical heading

  8. branches - emotional heading

  9. branches - spiritual heading


A classic tarot spread, used to provide abstract but detailed insights to a situation.

  1. the present

  2. the challenge

  3. the past

  4. the recent past

  5. the outcome if nothing else changes

  6. path to the future

  7. more about you

  8. more about the situation

  9. hopes and fears

  10. final outcome

Similar to the Celtic Cross, the Cosmic Cross offers detailed guidance about a situation. 

  1. where you are at present

  2. what your soul is calling you to do

  3. what is rising in you

  4. what is falling away

  5. soul gifts

  6. what is being manifested

  7. the next step

  8. past-life influence

  9. what you need to know

  10. hopes and fears

  11. potential outcome


Meant to be performed over 11 days, but can be received in bulk as well. Allows you to take daily steps to further your cosmic journey.

  1. cosmic alarm clock

  2. entelechy (fullest expression of a thing)

  3. your open door awaits

  4. activation

  5. rewriting your past

  6. rewriting your past

  7. cosmic now

  8. future envisioning

  9. future envisioning

  10. guardian at the threshold

  11. phoenix fire

Provides an overview theme for each month, as well as an overarching vibe for the entire year. 

  1. January

  2. February

  3. March

  4. April

  5. May

  6. June

  7. July

  8. August

  9. September

  10. October

  11. November

  12. December

  13. theme of the year