Amethyst is a crystal you often see in jewellery stores, as this gorgeous purple gem is the birthstone for the month of February. What you may not know is the benefits amethyst offers to a witch like you!

Amethyst is actually a purple or violet variety of quartz, and is typically translucent. I’ve seen amethyst ranging from quite light in colour to very, very dark.

For work with chakras, amethyst works best with the crown chakra, as it is a high-vibrational stone that allows for a deeper connection with both intuition and higher planes of existence.

Amethyst has many benefits, as its high vibrational energy removes all negative energy within a space. As well, amethyst is said to aid in healing of any and all ailments (going along with that “removal of negatives” thing here), and counteracts insomnia and banishes nightmares. It is also said that animals respond well to amethyst.

I have a couple larger amethyst geodes that I have on my altar, to ensure negative energies are kept away. I also like to use amethyst in spell bottles!


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