Black Salt

So, what is black salt?

Black salt is one of the many salt varieties that witches use in their magick. Characterized by its colour, black salt is a favourite amongst witches. Black salt, along with other salts, are used for salt magick, in spells and spell jars, for casting circles, and for cleansing and protecting your home. Black salt is known for its protection abilities, and is often used in spells regarding banishment, binding, and reversals. Please note that black salt is NOT edible, as per the recipe below.

Recipe for Black Salt

Want to make your own black salt? Follow this quick and easy recipe, using things you probably already have in your witchy pantry.


1 part Sea Salt

2 parts Ashes (from incense or a firepit, for example)

  • NOTE: for added protective properties, burn herbs like sage and rosemary and add the ashes to your black salt

1 part Eggshell Powder (Optional - adds additional protective properties)

1 part Activated Carbon (Optional - makes for a nicer black colour)


  1. Combine ingredients in a mortar grind together with pestle (any bowl and spoon will work as well).

  2. Once combined, store in a cleansed jar.

Black salt is a fantastic addition to your pantry, and super easy to make as well. Happy casting and blessed be!