Colour Theory

You may be wondering, what do colours have to do with anything here? WELL. As you may remember from art class (or English lessons) back in the day, colours are used to invoke feelings in people. Each colour has its own meaning or emotion connected to it. Common examples are red for passionate love, green for nature and growth, and blue for calm ocean waves. What do colours have to do with witchcraft? Well, the same thing they are used for in anything else - to amplify a specific feeling or emotion. Below is a colour list and some of their associated meanings. Use this as a resource for candle magick, spell jars, or knot magick! And, if coloured candles (or ribbon, or string, etc…) are unavailable to you, white will work for everything.


  • Banishing

  • Hex-breaking

  • Protection

  • Reversal

  • Strength


  • Aiding meditation

  • Being more patient with others

  • Calming emotions

  • Curing fevers

  • Finding truth

  • Gaining knowledge and wisdom

  • Having a better understanding

  • Invoking psychic visions

  • Moving houses

  • Promoting restful sleep

  • Protection

  • Suppressing anger


  • Aiding friendships

  • Amplifying assertiveness

  • Attuning with trees, earth, nature

  • Bringing material gain

  • Connection with Mother Nature

  • Gaining mental stability

  • Helping to make decisions

  • Promoting concentration

  • Protecting animals

  • Studying and learning


  • Attracting love and happiness

  • Bringing wealth and financial gain

  • Cosmic ordering

  • Healing and enhancing well-being

  • Improving intelligence

  • Maintaining peace within a family unit

  • Rejuvenation of self

  • Winning competitions


  • Accomplishing goals

  • Accumulating wealth and money

  • Attracting luck

  • Casting out resentment and greed

  • Growing plants

  • Hastening conception/solving fertility issues

  • Negotiating employment matters/finding new jobs

  • Promoting abundance and prosperity


  • Capturing a thief/return or recovery of lost property

  • Clarifying legal matters and justice

  • Developing business and career

  • Helping those with new jobs

  • Improvement of the mind and memory

  • Increasing stamina and energy

  • Promoting luck and success

  • Removing fear

  • Selling of goods, houses


  • Attracting romance

  • Banishment of selfish emotions

  • Becoming more caring and compassionate

  • Healing emotions

  • Healing rifts

  • Inviting tranquility and peace

  • Invoking spiritual healing

  • Protecting friendships and family


  • Aiding astral projection

  • Bringing harmony, tranquility, and peace

  • Easing sadness

  • Healing

  • Improving male energy

  • Improving psychic ability

  • Summoning spirit help

  • Summoning spiritual protection


  • Becoming more attractive to others

  • Conjuring willpower

  • Inciting sexual love and passion

  • Promoting quick results

  • Promoting strength and vigor

  • Rejuvenation of stamina and energy

  • Sparking enthusiasm

  • Summoning courage


  • Aiding clairvoyance and the unconscious mind

  • Banishing bad habits

  • Connecting with lunar animals

  • Developing intuition

  • Drawing down the moon

  • Improving all psychic abilities

  • Interpreting dream messages

  • Purifying female energy

  • Ridding of negativity

  • Summoning the Mother Goddess


  • Cleansing homes

  • Creation of harmony

  • Improving communication

  • Invoking spirits

  • Purifying spaces

  • Summoning guides and angels

  • General use


  • Aids concentration

  • Controlling mood swings

  • Healing problems associated with the head

  • Increasing activity

  • Nurtures imagination and creativity

  • Passing exams, learning

  • Persuading others

  • Protection of self during travel

  • Resolving health matters

Happy casting and blessed be!


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