So, what is a grimoire anyways? A grimoire, or book of shadows, is essentially a place for you to contain all of your witchy knowledge. It can include a variety of things, up to you really, but typically contains spells, information about herbs and crystals, the wheel of the year, rituals, reflections from divination, shadow work - the list goes on.

Typically, a grimoire is some sort of bound book or journal, but really, again, you can use whatever works for you. Some witches will use a binder, so they can add/remove/rearrange at will; others will use a digital format for their grimoire (word documents, a journaling app, a website (like what I’m doing here basically)).

Now, whatever the format you choose, something that’s good to have is a table of contents. This way, if you need to reference something you’ve already written, you know exactly where you’ve put it.

Below are some page ideas for your own grimoire!

  • The wheel of the year

  • Spells you create/have tried

  • Properties of herbs

  • Properties of crystals

  • Colour correspondences

  • Days of the week correspondences

  • The lunar cycle

  • Tarot and/or Oracle card spreads and readings

  • History of witchcraft

  • Lore from the area which you reside

  • Rituals

  • Shadow work

A witch’s grimoire is really her catchall for all the information, research, tidbits, etc. that she comes across in her day-to-day life. It doesn’t necessarily need to be organized in a certain way, it doesn’t have to look a certain way - each witch will have her own version (or none at all, if that’s how her practice goes). You can buy one that is already formatted, you can use a journal, you can use online downloads and fill them out on your computer or print them out and keep them in a folder. There are SO many options - if you feel called to use a grimoire, use it in a way that fits with both yourself and your practice. Don’t feel like there are requirements for your grimoire to look a certain way, just like you shouldn’t feel like there are requirements for you to practice a certain way. This is your craft - keep it that way.