How to Make a Crystal Cleansing Station

Looking for somewhere enclosed where you can cleanse your crystals? Look no further! Below you can find the steps to creating a crystal cleansing station. Please note that some crystals are soft and are not recommended for cleansing by salt - in this case, simply rest them on a selenite slab, cleanse with incense, or cleanse and charge by the light of the full moon.


  • A vessel of some sort (for example, a bowl, a geometric planter … literally anything with a wide mouth and is deep enough to hold things but shallow enough that you can reach in there)

  • Himalayan sea salt (enough to be maybe an inch or so deep in the base of your vessel)

  • Selenite (I use a tower, but I’m sure wands or larger crystals would work as well)

  • Incense


  • Cleanse your vessel of choice with incense

  • Put the salt in the bottom of the vessel

  • Place the selenite in the salt (my tower is in the centre as I used a round bowl, but if you chose something like the geometric planter, you could place the selenite towards the back for easier access/more room to place your crystals)

  • Place your cleansing station on your altar, or wherever makes your heart happy


To cleanse your crystals, simply place them on the salt around/in front of the selenite. Allow them to sit for 12+ hours, or until you feel they’re cleansed.

Happy cleansing and blessed be!