Spell Jars

So what is a spell jar, anyways? A spell jar is a common form of witchcraft in which the witch contains a variety of salts, herbs, crystals, oils, and intentions within a jar to create a physical representation of the intentions of the spell itself. Spell jars are often first cleansed with incense and sealed with the wax of a coordinating colour in relation to the topic of the spell (see the colour theory post here). As I’ve said before, intention is often the most important part of casting a spell, so spell jars can sometimes contain a sigil or the intention of a spell written on a piece of paper (or a bay leaf) to solidify the spell.

Spell jars can be used for just about any type of spell you can think of. Be it protection, sweet dreams, self-love, or the reduction of anxiety, spell jars are both easy and fun to create, and highly personalizable. It is fairly easy to find spell jar recipes on the internet (pinterest is a personal favourite of mine), but I tend to add a bit of myself into the spell to enhance the connection to my own power.

Creating your own spell jar is fairly simple. First, determine the intention of your spell - what do you want the outcome of the spell to be? Next, research herbs, salts, crystals, oils, and anything else you may be inclined to include in your jar - ensure what you include is related to the intention of the spell. Then, cast your spell. Cast a circle for protection (if you are so inclined), cleanse your jar to ensure there are no residual negative energies lingering, and add your ingredients one by one while focussing on the intent of your spell. When all your ingredients are in the jar, focus your energy into the jar to charge it with your intentions. If you are so inclined, recite a chant to enhance the power of your spell jar (usually reciting a chant 3 times is optimal, but some spells require more repetitions). Lastly, seal the jar with a candle (or just wax melts) in a colour coordinating to the intention of your spell (or just use white, as that will work with any spell).

Something that I personally think is fantastic about spell jars is how easy it is to customize them and make them your own. If you are following a spell jar recipe from a book or the internet and you don’t have specific ingredients or the ingredients that are called for don’t call to you, you can very easily swap them out and replace them with something you have on hand or that you feel more connected to. By taking these small steps to make the spell jar your own, you are infusing it with your own magick, therefore making it more powerful.

Spell jars are a great way of casting spells that are good to have a physical reminder of, such as self love, focus, mediation, or anti-anxiety/depression. Having a physical representation of the spell will refresh your mind of the intent of your spell, and allow it to have continual power. If you feel your spell jar has lost its power, try cleansing it with incense and/or charging either by your own power or by the light of the full moon.