Witchcraft Therapy: Your Guide to Banishing Bullsh*t and Invoking Your Inner Power

A Book Review

Witchcraft Therapy is the first published book by Mandi Em (Instagram handle @healingforhotmesses), a freelance writer in British Columbia, Canada.

This book tackles 6 basic, day-to-day occurrences that just about everyone seems to deal with in one way or another - mindset, confidence, stress, mental health, relationships, and everyday life. Mandi offers insight to common “downers” that we may experience, and ensures the readers that they are not alone. She provides simple but effective spells and rituals to better (or alleviate) the negative vibrations and emotions that we may be experiencing and replace them with good vibes only. By putting these teachings into practice, we can begin our own personal journey to betterness and reaching the higher self.

Personally, I had been following Mandi on Instagram for maybe a few months by the time her book was released - I was so intrigued solely by her posts that I couldn’t help but purchase the book. After quite a long time without reading anything (which honestly, I’d been in a slump for YEARS, but that’s … not what we’re talking about here), I read this book quite quickly, finishing it in chunks over a couple days. It was this book that brought to light my desire and innate abilities to discover and perform witchcraft.

What I really enjoy about this book is how real it is: how down to earth Mandi writes, how she relates the practices she describes to very real day-to-day instances that occur. I feel that by making these practices accessible and by illustrating how one can incorporate witchcraft and mindfulness into their daily life, Mandi has really alleviated any ideas that witchcraft is something you have to dedicate every waking moment to. By providing readers with a variety of spells and rituals that don’t require obscure items or 3 hours of your time (unless of course you choose to spend that much time on something), Witchcraft Therapy gives that feeling of accessibility and “ease of introduction”, if you will, into the craft - for those maybe who are just looking for different ways to explore their spirituality or discover their higher self.

What I didn’t like about this book is .... nothing, really. I wish it was longer, since I enjoyed reading it so much (FEAR NOT! Mandi has another book in the works). There were some printing errors that I noticed, but nothing really to do with the content of the book.

Overall, I would give this book a rating of 5 pentacles out of 5, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a blunt but humourous and mindful approach to tackling daily problems and emotions.



Title: Witchcraft Therapy: Your Guide to Banishing Bullsh*t and Invoking Your Inner Power

Author: Mandi Em

Publisher: Adams Media

Published: 2021

Page Count: 217