Tarot Spreads


Quick and easy. Ideal for:

  • yes/no questions

  • making a quick decision

  • daily or weekly overview

  • insight into a simple question

For slightly more insightful questions. Ideal for:

  • past-present-future

  • mind-body-spirit

  • question-advice-outcome

  • situation-guidance-outcome

  • me-them-the relationship

  • who I was-who I am-who I will be


For insight of perplexing and/or confusing situations.

  1. the overall situation

  2. contributing factor

  3. contributing factor

  4. contributing factor

For a powerful look at the relationship dynamic of two people.

  1. you

  2. your challenge

  3. them

  4. their challenge

  5. the uniting force


Designed to be read over the course of a moon cycle (also offered as a single reading). Provides effective guidance with goals that take time.

  1. new moon - beginning

  2. waxing crescent moon - initiative

  3. first quarter moon - growth

  4. waxing gibbous moon - perfecting

  5. full moon - clarity

  6. waning gibbous moon - sharing

  7. last quarter moon - decline

  8. waning crescent moon - ending

A thorough look at various aspects of a situation.

  1. heart of the matter

  2. opposing factors

  3. root cause

  4. past

  5. goal

  6. future

  7. you

  8. external influences

  9. hopes and fears

  10. final outcome


A detailed spread to provide guidance for a situation.

  1. you

  2. question, obstacle, or goal

  3. your attitude/thinking of the question

  4. the energy with which you approach the question

  5. your feelings and emotions about the question

  6. practical influences in regard to the question

  7. how to best think about the question

  8. the right energies to transform the situation

  9. how to experience/embody/express emotions

  10. how to ground mind, energy, and emotions into concrete actions

  11. changes to expect/likely outcome

A spread to allow you to have your best year yet!

  1. something to let go of from last year

  2. the upcoming year

  3. something to look forward to this year

  4. a hobby/interest to explore

  5. an important lesson that will be learned

  6. how to be the best version of yourself

  7. aspects regarding family

  8. aspects regarding friendships

  9. aspects regarding romantic relationships

  10. aspects regarding health

  11. aspects regarding finances

  12. aspects regarding career

  13. aspects regarding travel


Offers a look at the year as a whole (card number and month correspondences change with the timing of the reading)

  1. January

  2. February

  3. March

  4. April

  5. May

  6. June

  7. July

  8. August

  9. September

  10. October

  11. November

  12. December

  13. overall theme of the year